Methodist Moderator-Elect for the Free Churches Group

27 October 2020


The Reverend Helen Cameron, Chair of the Northampton District of The Methodist Church, has been elected as the next Moderator of the Free Churches Group. Helen will take over from the Reverend Hugh Osgood, who has been Moderator since 2014.

The Free Churches Group comprises twenty-six denominations which seek to promote faithful Christian witness in the public square.

Speaking about her election, the Reverend Helen Cameron, said:

“I am delighted to have been elected to be the next Moderator of the Free Churches Group. I look forward to serving the 26 churches of the group who work together in a number of important areas such as chaplaincy in education, health care and prisons.

“I am confident that we are stronger together in our commitments to work for human flourishing, for justice and peace for all, and in our expression of a confident Christian witness in the public square”.

The Free Churches Group seeks to express unity by promoting fellowship, shared counsel and working together whilst recognising that each Group Member remains at liberty to fulfil its own distinctive witness and mission.

Speaking on the announcement of Helen’s appointment, the Reverend Richard Teal, President of the Methodist Conference, said:

“I am delighted that Helen has been elected to this role. Helen is a distinguished Methodist leader and will serve both the Free Churches’ Group and her own denomination well as she exercises this office. The Methodist people will be pleased to support her in prayer.”

Originally from Yorkshire, Helen Cameron is Chair of one of the largest Methodist Districts in the UK which includes 260 churches and covers a geographical area from the Cotswolds to the Fens and from East Midlands Airport nearly as far south as Heathrow. Helen is an Ecumenical Canon of Peterborough Cathedral. She will become Moderator-Elect from April 2021 and Moderator from April 2022.