Methodist Poppy Girl will sing for The Queen

A young Methodist has been selected to sing the official 2013Poppy Appeal single, which she will perform in front of the Queen -and six million TV viewers - on Saturday evening.

Charlotte Mellor, 17, is one of The Poppy Girls: the firstall-girl group formed from Armed Forces families. She is also thedaughter of the Revd Paul Mellor, a Methodist chaplain in theForces serving at RAF Cosford in Shropshire.

Charlotte, who attends The Leys - a Methodist school - inCambridge, appeared on the BBC One Show and BBC Breakfasttelevision programmes this week. On Thursday she sang for the PrimeMinister and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Number 10 DowningStreet. The Poppy Girls single is called "The Call (No Need to sayGoodbye)". 

"My faith is utterly important to me," Charlotte said. "Somethingmy dad taught me a long time ago was that God doesn't love war, buthe loves us and that's extremely important to me, especially duringthe time of Remembrance."

The Poppy Girls group was formed following a worldwide searchwithin the Armed Forces community. More than 1,000 hopefuls entereda competition to win a spot in the group, which will perform infront of HM The Queen at the Legion's prestigious Festival ofRemembrance in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 9 November.

Charlotte's dad, the Revd Paul Mellor, said: "Remembrance Day forme is very personal. During my time within the military, I have hadto deal with a number of families who have lost sons and daughters.I think of those families who are still suffering. It is a verypoignant moment where we all stop as a nation to reflect.Sometimes, even in the midst of conflict, there is hope. We alsothink about those who have served and made the ultimate sacrificewithin that service."

The Revd Ruth Gee, President of the Methodist Conference, will beattending the Cenotaph Remembrance Day Service this Sunday. Shesaid: "It will be my privilege to represent the Methodist Church atthe Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday where I will be standing withothers to remember those in the forces who have lost their lives inwar and in service to this nation. We also remember those currentlyserving in the forces, including those appointed as chaplains. TheMethodist people remember and pray for all who suffer because ofwar and violence and we long for peace."


Notes: For a picture of the Poppy Girls, see here.