Methodist President to live on £1 a day

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) is challengingpeople throughout the UK to 'live below the line' - and spend just£1 a day on food and drink for a working week. The President of theMethodist Church, Revd Alison Tomlin, and the strategic leaders ofthe Methodist Church have already committed to take part: Revd DrMartyn Atkins; John Ellis; Christine Elliott and Mark Wakelin

It is hoped that between 2 and 6 May thousands of people will tryliving below the global poverty line, with a budget of just £5 forall of their meals over five days. They will ask their friends andfamilies to sponsor them and funds raised will be used to help someof the world's most vulnerable people to work their way out ofpoverty. 1.4 billion people globally live on less than £1 aday.

MRDF is one of the charity partners in the Live Below the Lineinitiative, which is being organised by educational group, theGlobal Poverty Project. Last year, Live Below the Line in Australiaraised over £320,000.

Revd Alison Tomlin, President of the Methodist Church, said: 'I'mcommitted to continuing to working with and for those who faceextreme poverty in any country. I think it would be good for me toexperience a tiny part of what it can be like. Of course, it iseasy for people like me who have choices, but in this way we canexpress our determination to stand alongside those in need.'

To sign up to take part in Live Below the Line with MRDF, or todownload a free PowerPoint to show in your church to introduce theinitiative, please visit www.mrdf.org.uk/live or call 020 74675132.

Anna Rogers of MRDF lived 'below the line' for a week in February.You can read more about how she got on atwww.mrdf.org.uk/live.