Methodist response to Government crackdown on gambling adverts

Speaking in response to today's announcement that gamblingfirms that do not meet UK regulatory standards will be banned fromadvertising in the UK, Alison Jackson, Secretary for Parliamentaryand Political Affairs, says:

"We welcome this announcement and the tough line the Government istaking. Internet gambling is growing fast and there is a high riskfor people playing online of becoming addicted to gambling. Play iscontinuous and repetitive; it takes place in your own home withoutany outside distractions, and stakes are made by credit card,making it easy to lose track of how much you have lost.

"We support the Government's wish to get international agreementin the regulation of Internet gambling; this move should contributeto that. While we do not want to see more gambling advertising,such sites will continue to operate and be accessed by people inthe UK. They should be properly regulated, which is why we hopethat other jurisdictions will follow the example of the Isle of Manwho have tightened their own regulations to a standard that enablesthem to beat this ban, and therefore advertise in the UK."