Methodist response to the crisis in Kenya

Anthea Cox, Coordinating Secretary for Public Life andSocial Justice says "The violent turmoil in Kenya following thedisputed election results has come as a shock. As one of Africa'smost stable democracies and most developed nations, Kenya's crisiswas difficult to foresee. The Methodist Church of Great Britain isclosely watching the situation so that it can respond asappropriate."

Kevin Fray, World Church Area Secretary for Africa, says: "Thesituation over the next few days will be very precarious. Ourpartners in the Methodist Church of Kenya (MCK) will be playing avital role in helping to restore peace and stability. Theirendeavour must be matched by our practical and spiritualassistance."

During 2007, the World Church Office sent more than £150,000 ofMethodist Church funds to support the mission of the MCK.

Kevin Fray continued, "When deciding how best to respond, we willbe guided by the MCK. Once we can establish communication, we willbe better placed to understand and share the need. In the meantime,we stand alongside all who strive peacefully for a just and fairsolution to this tragedy.

"We also call upon others to join with us as we remember Kenya inour daily prayers and church services."

Teach me your word, O my Lord,
That I may walk in your righteous path,
Narrow and trying as it may be.
Give me grace to claim and love it as my own.
Hold my hand and never let me go.
Till in Zion I finally lay it all down.

Taken from a prayer by Margaret Wanjiru Kithinji, Women'sFellowship Secretary, Methodist Church of Kenya
Day 8 (page 22) of the 2007-8 Methodist PrayerHandbook.