Methodist response to the killing of Benazir Bhutto

Christine Elliot, World Church Secretary for Asia and thePacific, says;

'Thursday 27 December was a very sad day, especially for the peopleof Pakistan. The shocking killing of Benazir Bhutto has been adesperate blow for the fragile hope of a new democratic governmentin the elections planned for 8 January 2008.

'The situation in the country over the next hours and days will bevery precarious, particularly in the Sindh province. Our partnersin Pakistan are concerned that civil war may erupt and thatmilitary rule will be re-imposed further - there is a desperatefeeling that it will be really difficult to recover from thistragedy. We have been asked to pray with and for the people ofPakistan, for peace and stability, and hope that others will joinus in this task.'

The Revd Jonathan Kerry, Coordinating Secretary for Worship andLearning, has written this prayer for Pakistan;

With her people we pray for peace in Pakistan.
With her people we mourn the dead.
With her people we long for stability.

When violence and terror confront us: Turn our outrage into actionfor justice and peace;
Turn our horror into deeds of practical compassion;
And turn our lust for revenge into a determination to work for aworld in which all are equally valued.

Remove every violent prompting from people's hearts

And let it begin right here and now.