Methodist Schools launch new video



To download the video click here.

A new video highlighting the history, values and impact of Methodist Schools across the country has been launched today at the Methodist Conference.

'Doing all the good we can' features a series of interviews with pupils, teachers and parents as they share their thoughts and experiences of Methodist Schools.

Speaking in the video, Barbara Easton, Director of Education, says:"Our schools are about giving children the very best educational opportunities, wherever they are, in whichever sector, however old the children."

With around 25,000 pupils, 5,000 staff and estimated effect on some 100,000 people in Britain, Methodist Schools have a wide-reaching impact on children's education.

However, Methodist Schools are not just concerned with matters of education, but also issues of society and wellbeing.

"We've got a bunch of school values," says Ollie of Holly Hill Methodist/Church of England Infant School. "We've got gentleness, kindness, thankfulness, patience, love … there's way too many for me to even say them all!"

Methodist Schools come from a rich historic tradition, having been involved in education for over 200 years.

"Education has been a passion of Methodists since the beginning of the Methodist Church," Barbara continued. "It's a passion that we can find in the life of John Wesley who, everywhere he went and set up a base he set up a school as part of that. It's believed that the first ever Sunday School was set up by a Methodist woman, who was called Hannah Ball who epitomises the desire of the early Methodists to give people access to learning."

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