Methodist young people call for support in a challenging world

Methodist young people call for support in a challenging world

Mental health and the pressures of school life are among thetopics that young Methodists have told the Church they would likesupport and guidance with. 
After gathering at the 3Generate event, attended by more than500 young people aged 8-23 and their leaders, three manifestos havebeen produced highlighting issues concerning young people in theMethodist Church today which has been backed up with furtherresearch. 

Other issues raised include poverty, the refugee crisis and thepositive tackling of extremism. 

The manifestoes will be presented to the 2017 MethodistConference, taking place in Birmingham in June. 

Tim Annan, Youth President of the Methodist Church commented: "TheMethodist Church has a wonderful tradition of actively listening toits members, including its young people. These statements shouldmake important reading for all Methodists across theConnexion. 
"Young people are an integral part of the Church today andthese are the issues they are talking about which are affecting usas Methodist people now. 

"The church has an important job in helping people grow in theirfaith and to provide the support that we all need to explore anddiscuss these issues from a Christian and a Methodistperspective." 

Penny Fuller, Church and Community Development Co-ordinator,commented:, "The world can be a very difficult place for people ofall ages to navigate, especially at the moment. Young people don'tjust want to understand the world; they want to take an active rolein seeking solutions to its problems. 

"Children and young people are calling for the Church to supportthem and work with them to make change happen. They are speakingout about how, as individuals, they want to become 'Agents ofChange' and work alongside the wider Church and their communitiesto create a better, fairer world based on Christian and Methodistvalues."

3Generate 2017 is going to be held at Pontins Camp in Southport,.24-26 November 2017. Youth Leaders and Children's workers will beaccompanying and caring for their groups at the event, andindividuals not part of a group will be encouraged to attend withothers from their District.

Full details of the manifestos can be found here.

3Generate, the Methodist Children & Youth Assembly, is anaction-packed weekend for hearing the voices of children and youngpeople across the Methodist Church, focusing on fun, faith andfriends.