Methodist young people grow in strength and confidence

gettyimages-9276787663Generate, the Methodist Children and Youth Assembly, continues to grow in strength and confidence.

At the 2018 Methodist Conference, meeting in Nottingham until July 5, Youth President Michael Pryke shared the news that in November, the event for young people in Southport is expected to attract more than 1,200 participants.

The event has had six years of sustained growth since the first 3Generate event took place in 2012 when 220 young people attended.

This year, 3Generate is encouraging the Church to work inter-generationally to tackle issues of faith and justice and for local churches to get to know their local MP.

Michael Pryke, the 2017-2018 Youth President, said: “Children and young people of the Methodist Church feel strongly about the issues of justice and social action, therefore support from the Church in resourcing, thinking and acting for justice is an essential part of our faith, our heritage and Our Calling.

“To tackle this, 3Generate has challenged the Methodist Church to work for justice inter-generationally. We also encourage every church to get to know their MP so that they can raise issues of justice with them. 3Generate challenges each Methodist District to show their passion for justice through committing to take a single action to challenge injustice.”

Jill Baker, Ex Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, said: “3Generate is more than an event. It is, at every stage, a participative process enabling children and young people to respond to the gospel of God’s love and to live out their discipleship in worship and mission.

“The growth in our children, youth and family ministry, and the enthusiasm of all involved with 3Generate, is a cause for real rejoicing in the Methodist Church.”

The full 3Generate report to the Methodist Conference is available here.