Methodist youth call for revival

Asylum, revival and inter-faith relations are just some of theissues covered in the annual report of the Methodist YouthConference (MYC). Received today by the Methodist Conference, thereport details all resolutions passed by Youth Conference, withtheir recommendations to the wider Church.

Speaking out against racist violence, the report urges the Churchto explore with young people the wider cultural, social andeconomic factors that contribute to it. It also encouragesChristians to consider the issue of asylum in a spirit of love andopenness, sharing with one another their own experiences from bothwithin and outside the Church. Youth Conference raises particularconcerns about hostile and inaccurate interpretations of otherfaiths that can lead to them being portrayed in an extremistlight.

The report was enthusiastically received by the MethodistConference, which resolved to hold a month of prayer for improvedrelations between people of different faiths in February 2007 asrecommended by the report. Resources will be produced to help localchurches and young people to engage with people of other faiths andreflect on these issues.

Methodist Youth Conference brings together young Methodists fromacross the UK celebrate, debate and discuss issues that matter tothem about the Church and the wider world. One representative said:'I learnt my opinion counts and can make a difference within theMethodist Church'. The report gives them the opportunity to maketheir voices heard in the Methodist Conference, influencing thedecisions taken there. Past Youth Conference initiatives includePray Without Ceasing Ð a year of continuous prayer and reflectionfor the Church which will draw to a close in September.

Kevin Jones, President of the Youth Conference, commented; 'We wantyoung Methodists to see that they can make a real difference to thelife of their Church and it's great that Conference is taking usseriously. Pray Without Ceasing has been an awesome success and nowwe're calling on the Church to become more passionate aboutrevival. Conference has accepted our resolutions, but now its timefor Methodists of all ages to put them into practice locally.'Methodist Conference has resolved to include prayers for revival inservices throughout the year and a special prayer by YouthConference will feature in this year's Prayer Handbook.

Other matters raised in the report include Christian unity,creating a vision for the future of the Church and continuedsupport for the aims of last year's Make Poverty Historycampaign.