Methodist Youth Conference prepares to go to Hull

Young people aged 13 to 25 representing the Methodist Church inBritain will converge on Hull Methodist Mission, on the weekend ofthe 15-17 November, for the annual Methodist Youth Conference.

This year's Youth Conference will have a full agenda includingdiscussions on Human Sexuality and Homophobia, Mental Health, FaithSchools, a review of the Methodist Youth Executive, Holy Communionand the Anglican-Methodist Covenant.

The Youth Conference has gone from strength to strength since itfirst met seven years ago and is an event of growing significanceand influence within the Methodist Church.

The Youth Conference of 2002 will feature a wealth of worship,workshops and business sessions (including time for buzz groupdiscussion). The business sessions provide a forum where the youngpeople can discuss topics, which are important to them and arebrought to the conference by the delegates.

Eleanor van Den Bos, Chair of the Youth Conference stated ' I amlooking forward to a weekend of fascinating and passionate debate.We have worked hard over the last year to try and re-invent YouthConference, to make it a place where everyone feels welcome and canhave their voice heard. Living as a young Christian in today'ssociety is challenging. I hope that people coming to YouthConference will be able to share experiences and discuss, asChristians, many of the issues that effect our lives and throughthis be encouraged in their faith'.

The President of the Methodist Conference, the Rev Ian White andthe Vice-President Professor Peter Howdle are among many guests whoare to attend the Youth Conference. Professor Howdle will beleading a discussion on The Anglican-Methodist Covenant.

The Sunday morning will also see the inauguration of theincoming National Methodist Youth President, Peter Barley from Hullwho takes over from Ellie O'Malley. The new Youth Executive for2002/2003 will also be sworn into office during worship on theSunday afternoon.