Methodist Youth President supports campaign to tackle child poverty in the UK

The Methodist Youth President has voiced support for the Savethe Children campaign to fight child poverty that was launchedtoday.

Hayley Moss, the Methodist Youth President, said: "The MethodistChurch fully support the Save the Children campaign to helpchildren living in poverty in the UK. The charity is seeking toraise £500,000 to help children from low-paid working families whoare struggling to make ends meet. The facts are shocking. One infive parents in poverty say they cannot afford to replace theirchildren's worn-out shoes, while 80 per cent of parents in povertysay they have had to borrow money to pay for food and clothes overthe past 12 months. The Church has highlighted the fact thatcutting back on welfare and housing benefits is likely to make thesituation worse for families living below the breadline. Poverty inthe UK is real and it needs to be tackled."