Methodist Youth President to live on £1 a day

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) is challengingpeople throughout the UK to 'live below the line' - and spend just£1 a day on food and drink for a working week. The Methodist YouthPresident, Sam Taylor and the President Designate of the MethodistChurch, the Revd Dr Mark Wakelin, and have already committed totake on the challenge.

It is hoped that between 7 and 11 May thousands of people will tryliving below the global poverty line, with a budget of just £5 forall of their meals over five days. They will ask their friends andfamilies to sponsor them and funds raised will be used to help someof the world's most vulnerable people to work their way out ofpoverty. 1.4 billion people globally live on less than £1 aday.

MRDF is one of the charity partners in the Live Below the Lineinitiative, which is being organised by educational and campaigningorganisation, the Global Poverty Project. Last year, Live Below theLine raised over £180,000 for UK charities that fight extremepoverty.

Methodist Youth President, Sam Taylor is living below the line forthe first time. He says: 'The fact that 1.4 billion people live on£1 or less a day is incredible; how can it be that some have somuch, yet others have so little? I'm living below the line becauseit's so important that people are aware of this, and start to dosomething about it. The most difficult thing will be the food, I'ma big eater, and I love my food - so it's going to be a realchallenge! Hopefully I'll be able to raise some awareness, and getsome people really passionate about fighting the poverty thatexists in our world.' You can read about Sam's live below the lineexperience on his YouthPresident blog.

The Revd Dr Mark Wakelin lived below the line for MRDF last yearand was keen to share his tips with others who are taking part. Headds: 'I'm a keen cook and gardener so I'll be making my own breadand living off the land to some extent. I'll be going vegetarianand developing recipes with chickpeas and dhal. My top tips are tolive below the line with others, so you can buy food together andto set aside time to carefully plan your meals.' This year Markwill be sharing his experiences through a blog on the Live Belowthe Line website. You can read more via Live BelowThe Line and sponsor him using the links provided.

To sign up to Live Below the Line for MRDF, and for moreinformation, please visit MRDF or call 020 74675132.