Methodist Youth President visits Auschwitz

  • Lessons from the Holocaust

The Methodist Youth President, Hayley Moss, will visit a formerNazi extermination camp on Wednesday (7 November) after she wasselected to represent the British Youth Council on a one-day visitto Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Hayley Moss will be among a group of young people chosen by theBritish Youth Council to fly out to Poland where they will spendthe day learning about the brutal massacre of Jews at Auschwitzunder the anti-Semitic Nazi regime. 

Hayley said: "All my life I have loved learning about history;the stories of ordinary - and simultaneously extraordinary -people. Each person who ever lived has had a story; a soul that wasand is precious and to be valued. It blows my mind that people'slives, their stories, their tragedies and delights and betrayalscan fade away, be forgotten. I am fascinated by how stories fromthe past can shape our lives and our thinking today. The Holocaustis an event which has had a massive impact on our society; on whowe are as humanity."

The day will begin with a visit to a pre-war Jewish site in thePolish town of Oświęcim where the young delegation will learn moreabout the lives of the victims so that they are able to re-humanisethem as individuals. The delegates will then visitAuschwitz-Birkenau where they will tour the Holocaust sites. Theday will culminate in a memorial ceremony held next to thedestroyed crematoria II led by Rabbi Barry Marcus of the CentralSynagogue.

"For me, this visit won't just be a day, but one day in alifetime of days in which I want to be intentionally aware of myhumanity, and challenge others to do the same," Hayley continued."As Youth President of the Methodist Church I will have manyopportunities to share this reflective journey with children andyoung people; it could contribute strongly to our current focus onIsrael and Palestine."