Methodists call for Brexit compassion

Methodists call for Brexit compassion

The Methodist Church has called upon its members tocontact their MPs and MEPs to ask the UK and EU Government tofinalise, as a matter of urgency, the future rights of EU citizensand UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU.

The Methodist Conference, meeting in Birmingham this week, hasexpressed its concern for the many EU citizens who are anxiousabout what the Brexit negotiations will mean for them and theirloved ones.
The Conference was also concerned about the way in which the EUreferendum and its aftermath have exposed significant divisionswithin the UK, and between the UK and the rest of Europe.

The Conference did not express a view on the outcome of thecurrent negotiations, but expressed its desire for the closestpossible links that are practical and feasible between the UK andits European neighbours.

The Conference prayed that as the debates about the future of theUK and EU continue, they will take place in a spirit of mutualrespect with the aim of seeking the best possible outcome forall.

The call was made to the Conference by Dr Stephen Leah who said:"We are not calling for a halt to debating these complex issues butwe are calling for the debate to take place in a spirit of respect.There are currently many people who do not know what the next fewyears will bring and fear the serious upheaval this couldimpose on their lives."

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