Methodists call for the gambling industry to support problem gamblers

The Methodist Church has welcomed yesterday's GamblingCommission report and its recommendations. The report underlinesthe responsibility of the gambling industry to provide enough moneyto help people who are harmed by gambling.

David Bradwell, Policy Adviser for the Methodist Church inBritain, said; 'There are around a quarter of a million problemgamblers in the UK. We need more money to make sure that thesepeople receive sufficient support and advice and that vulnerablepeople don't develop a problem with gambling.

'We support the 'polluter pays' principle. If not enough money israised through the current voluntary system, we want to see theGovernment introducing compulsory payments by gamblingbusinesses.

'In Britain we are way behind other countries, including Canada,South Africa and New Zealand in terms of dealing adequately withproblem gambling. The Government and the Gambling Commission mustlook again at the international context and find out what more canbe done in the UK to help people who are at risk of being exploitedby gambling.'