Methodists show solidarity with the Jubilee movement in giant style

Last Sunday's World Day Debt (WDD) saw Methodists help raiseawareness of the world debt problem in style - in £3 style.

Revd Simon Topping of the Gloucester circuit explained: "Wedressed up as giant £3 coins to stress the theme that itwould only cost each of us in the UK £3 per year for the next 10years to cancel our share of Third World Debt."

He continued: "It is important to keep inpeople's minds that the job is far from finished. Debt cancellationneeds to be broader, deeper, and faster. Countries in sub-SaharanAfrica are still paying more in debt payments than they arereceiving in aid. Heavily indebted poor countries haven't a hope togrow until the debt is cancelled."

Services were conducted with the help of worship materials,printed in the Methodist Recorder. Worshippers around theconnexion found the WDD service 'uplifting' and'thought-provoking'. One minister, echoing President NeilRichardson's view that 'one of the great moral challenges of ourtime is the struggle for a fairer global economy', said: "This is ahigh priority issue for the church and it is important to raiseawareness of it."

Audrey Miller, Co-Chair of Jubilee Debt Campaign, said: "It wasa wonderful response from grassroots Methodism yet again. Theobservation of WDD came at the right time. Many heavily indebtedpoor countries are facing huge challenges in eradicating poverty,but because of substantial debt repayments few advances are beingmade in social services and investment. There is a danger thatpeople are taken in by the spin and think the debt issue has beendealt with, but it is still causing death and despairworldwide."

She continued: "I received emails of support from around theworld, the first on 15th May from campaigners in New Zealand topoint out that WDD had already begun with prayers in Tonga. I thinkthis really bought home to me that it really was a WORLD debt dayand not just UK based."

World Debt Day gave fresh impetus for the Jubilee DebtCampaigners that are hoping to get the issues of debt, trade anddevelopment to the forefront of the public and political agenda.For more information click here.