Methodists take action on climate change

Copies of Hope in God's Future - a report and study guideaddressing climate change - are flying off the shelves just daysafter the first printed editions became available.

The first print run of the booklet has sold out and MethodistPublishing has ordered a second run.

Hope in God's Future takes the reader on a journey using thechanging mood of a worship service as a framework for consideringclimate change and people's effect on the planet. It outlines theposition of the Methodist Church, The Baptist Union and The UnitedReformed Church on climate change and invites people to see howdeeply faith connects with the challenge facing us.

Thaddeus Dell, Carbon Reduction Policy Officer at the MethodistChurch, said: "Hope In God's Future gets people to understand thescience and how this is linked to our Christian theology. Climatechange is the greatest challenge to the Church in our generation.The science is overwhelming and it leads us to a moral obligation.It is especially important for people to engage in these issuesahead of the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen."

The 2009 Methodist Conference adopted sections one to four of Hopein God's Future as a draft Conference statement. This means thateveryone across the Connexion is invited to comment before itreturns to the Conference in 2011.

The study guide offers the full text of the report, as well asideas for creative activities, inspirational prayers and worship,help and advice for leaders, and suggestions for group sessionslasting one or two evenings or even a whole day.

Copies of Hope in God's Future are available from MethodistPublishing at £5.00 each, with discounts offered for bulk buysof 10 or more.