Methodists to commemorate 100 years of legal Conscientious Objections


Methodists from across the country will be celebrating the100th anniversary of the right to refuse to fightin war at a special free event held at Englesea Brook Chapel,Crewe, on Sunday 20 March.

Led by the Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal, former President of theMethodist Conference, this unique service will include prayers andreflections around the commemoration and will be broadcast live online for others to watch aroundthe world.

Dr Jill Barber, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference,historian and Director of Englesea Brook Museum explains therelationship between conscientious objection and the MethodistChurch: "At the start of the First World War, many Primitive andWesleyan Methodists were challenged to reconsider their attitude towar and peace. Methodists such as Bert Brocklesby and Jack Foisterfaced prison, rebuke from their families or church community, andeven death, for their principled refusal to take up arms.

"As a result of their courageous stance alongside others,Britain became the first nation to enshrine in law the right toConscientious Objection."




  1. The event will be held at Englesea Brook Chapel on Sunday20 March at 2:45pm. The service is free to attend, but ticketed.You can book your tickets online at  http://bit.ly/1PVfxdX
  2. The online broadcast of the event will be taking placelive at 2:45pm on Sunday 20 March onwww.methodist.org.uk/co100
  3. Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum of Primitive Methodism is afunctioning Chapel, Museum and National Heritage site. For moreinformation you can visit their website www.engleseabrook-museum.org.uk
  4. Dr Jill Barber is available for interview. Please contact theMedia Office on mediaoffice@methodistchurch.org.uk or020 7467 5208