Methodists to learn from Latin American Spirituality

The Methodist Church's commitment to a world church will bereinforced next week in a Conference celebrating Latin Americanspirituality.

Between 4-6 June 'Latin America - Chaos, Cross, Celebration'will be the subject of the World Mission Conference, arranged byMethodists for World Mission and ecumenical partners.

The annual Conference presents an encounter between churches athome and abroad, in order to find out at first hand how othersworship, express their faith and view the world.

President of Methodists for World Mission, Rosemary Wass, said:"Spirituality in Europe has become a commodity. We sample thedifferent brands and we have our favourite suppliers. In LatinAmerica spirituality is not an exotic extra to be indulged in whenthere is adequate money and time, but has emerged to make theChristian faith relevant to the people and issues of LatinAmerica."

She continued: "This Conference will give us the opportunity totry and begin to hear and experience the gospel from anotherculture and through another language. We will not be the samepeople when we leave as when we arrive if we allow this to impactour lives. The opportunity to share with those of another cultureenlarges our understanding of what God is calling us to do and betoday."

Revd Thomas Quenet, Area Secretary for the Americas at TheMethodist Church, added: "The Conference will explore how the HolySpirit is having a dramatic impact on the life of the Church inLatin America. Spiritual renewal is taking place alongside thestruggle for justice and peace. It is like the early days ofMethodism. The Bible is coming alive for ordinary people. ThisConference will be an opportunity to learn about how we mightchange - if we dare."


  Methodists for World Mission is anorganisation which aims to 'celebrate diversity and promote mutualpartnership' between Christian people of widely differing culturesfrom all parts of the world.

  Conferences are annual with regionalconferences held in the North West and South West each November andall are welcome. The Conference this year will be held 4 - 6 Juneat the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick.

  Dr. Peter Fox is designated to bePresident of Methodists for World Mission from June 2004. Peter hasa long and dedicated association with the World Church. He wasMedical Superintendent at Ngao Hospital, Kenya from 1964-71 and hasshared his expertise by serving on several committees ever since.He is a local preacher and was the MWM Conference Organiser in1990.