Methodists will attend Trade Union Congress

Methodists will attend the Trade Union Congress in Liverpool onTuesday (September 15) to build further relationships with TradeUnionists.

David Gamble, President of the Methodist Conference, and Dr RichardVautrey, Vice-President of the Methodist Conference, will meet withUnite trade union to discuss work-place issues brought on by therecession. They will also sign up to a campaign led by the TradeUnion movement to extend the rights of vulnerable employees, andmeet with the President of the Trade Union Congress.

Paul Morrison, Policy Adviser, Revd Rosa Leto, Chair of ChaplainsCouncil, and Revd David Wrighton from Methodist Chaplaincy, willalso attend and listen to the debates.

Revd David Wrighton, Deputy Chaplaincy Coordinator, said: "There isa lot of common ground between the TUC and the Methodist Church.The TUC is dealing with issues like migration, unemployment,bullying at work, which are also areas that the Church is concernedabout. The Methodist Church has always been involved in socialissues and a great deal of what the TUC does is good, solid socialaction work."

The Methodist Church has historical links with the Trade Unionmovement dating back to the Tolpuddle Martyrs in the 19thCentury.

For more information on the historical link between The MethodistChurch and the TUC, visit here.