Mission in Britain, Winter Grants Announced

Mission in Britain, Winter Grants Announced

Details of the successful applications for theMission in Britain Fund winter grants round have been announced. Inthis recent round, over £800,000 has been granted to churches andChristian organisations across England, Wales and Scotland to helpfund worship and mission focused projects.

The Mission in Britain Fund is supported bygifts from the Methodist people. Grants are offered to projectsdealing with poverty and justice, missional opportunities atMethodist heritage sites, chaplaincy, using church properties toserve communities and sharing the gospel with those of allages.

Julian Bond, Grants Team Leader, commented, "We are very gratefulto those who have contributed to the fund and enabled the Church tofulfil its calling in our communities.  Mission in Britain isvital to help us grow the Church by supporting new ideas andenabling projects to flourish.

"We are keen to hear from those who want to turn their callingsand gifts into reality and I would encourage anyone consideringapplying for a grant to talk to us early about theirapplication."

The next round of applications for grantsunder £50k takes place in March and then again in May. The nextdeadline for grants over £50k is in October.

Hermira Nelson-Okrafor, Fundraising Manager,commented, "In order to support such wonderful projects around theConnexion we need local churches and individuals to continue togive generously to our Mission in Britain Fund.  The fundsupports Methodist Action against Poverty and Justice (MAPJ)projects such as debt centres and mission cafes across the UK.Without this financial support, we would not be able to financethese projects that are vital in the life of the church. "

To find out how you can give to these kinds of projects visit www.methodist.org.uk/mission/mission-in-britainor email fundraising@methodistchurch.org.ukor call 0207 467 3532

You can also sign up to the One MissionMatters magazine to keep up to date with fundraising news.

More information about grants, including application and donationdetails, can be found on the Methodist Church website (www.methodist.org.uk) underMission.

Grants awarded in January2017

Chaplaincy to New Housing Developments in Wantage andAbingdon Circuit
To establish a visible Christian presence in an area of newlybuilt housing. With many new arrivals, including those unchurched,the new ministry will reach out to people in their everyday lives,listening non-judgmentally and without pressure.

Bristol MethodistCentre
Based in one of the most deprived wards in the South West ofEngland, this new centre will enable the circuit to offer shelter,sanctuary and support to the homeless, vulnerable and excluded. Thecentre provides a prayer space for staff and guests to share inorganised or personal prayers.

Heritage Open Doors -Oxford
A Heritage and Mission Development Officer will help thecongregation develop new mission opportunities based on theheritage of Methodism in Oxford. The project will engage thecongregation, recruiting and training volunteers to welcomevisitors. The grant will also enable research into the Methodistheritage of Oxford with displays and audio guides. The project willalso feature a new web presence.

Youth Outreach Worker -Stamford
To expand chaplaincy at Stamford Sixth Form College. A YouthOutreach Worker to be responsible for chaplaincy across the Collegeand offer five-day contact throughout the school year. The positionwill offer pastoral care to individual students and staff,particularly those in crisis, as well as marking seasonal eventssuch as Christmas, Easter and Remembrance Day and welcoming newstudents.

Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre- Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield
To employ a new member of staff to reach more people strugglingwith unmanageable debt. Linked with local churches, to supportthose struggling with their finances who are unable to move forwardon their own and be released from the anxiety of debt.

Ministry at Work -Staffordshire
To support this ecumenical charity involved in mission to thewider business community. Answering God's call to respond to theneeds of individuals in business, especially where those are notbeing met through established church structures.

SCM Connect
Supporting young adults in faith and discipleship during thetransition from further education to university. The project willconnect them to student groups, churches and chaplaincy communitiesin their university town or city and to a national community ofChristian students through regional and national events, and onlineengagement.

Chaplain for Zimbabwean MethodistFellowship
The grant will help Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship (MCZF) UKfulfil their mission of serving members of the Methodist Church whoare of Zimbabwean origin and support them in integrating into theMethodist Church in Great Britain and participate in the life ofthe Church.

Women Breaking Free, Touchstone -Bradford
Supporting women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This projectis a response to the Past Cases Review priority of addressingsurvivor needs with sustained and continuing support forsurvivors.

Birmingham District UniversityChaplaincy
This project continues successful coordination of chaplaincyacross universities in Birmingham District.