More than 2,000 Bible verses can't be ignored!

Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) has released a newBible Study Pack for Lent and beyond, entitled 'What does the Biblesay about poverty?', to help small groups get to the heart of theBible's teaching on poverty.

'No other issue is talked about more throughout the Bible thanattitudes to poverty and wealth. As Christians, we know that wehave a responsibility to act alongside those in need, but oftenhave only a vague idea of how strongly our faith calls us to doso,' explained Amanda Norman, MRDF's Supporter Relations Director.'Action to make poverty history urgently needs to become part ofour daily lives.'

In her introduction to the Study Pack, theologian Frances Youngwrites: 'It is one of those themes which is always relevant,because no generation seems to have managed to create a fairerdistribution of resources. Jesus said, 'The poor you have alwayswith you.' But that is no excuse for doing nothing. I recommendthis study for Lent. It should help you to listen more closely towhat the Bible has to say about poverty and to find new andexciting ways to respond.'

'What does the Bible say about poverty?' contains material for sixinteractive and engaging sessions. It includes Bible readings,activities, action ideas, creative prayers and discussionquestions. Examples from MRDF's development partners in Africa,Asia and Latin America help to bring the issues to life.

'What does the Bible say about poverty?' is designed for housegroups, youth groups and other small study groups. The Study Packis free and has accompanying notes for group leaders.

MRDF hopes that 'What does the Bible say about poverty?' willencourage discussion and reflection but, most importantly, helpindividuals and churches to take positive action to tacklepoverty.

'What does the Bible say about poverty?' booklets for groupmembers, with accompanying leaders' notes, are available free from:MRDF, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR or 020 7467 5132 ormrdf@methodistchurch.org.uk. The pack can also be downloaded fromwww.mrdf.org.uk.