MRDF responds to crisis in Zimbabwe

In the face of growing political instability and desperatefood shortages in Zimbabwe, The Methodist Relief and DevelopmentFund (MRDF) is supporting an appeal through ACT International(Action by Churches Together) that will distribute emergency foodsupplies to vulnerable households.

Over 4 million people need food immediately. Reports from Zimbabwepaint a picture of desperation, with some families cooking leavesthey had previously considered poisonous. Although they have foundways of draining them that make them safer, people are stillgetting sick. The current crisis has been worsened by Zimbabwe'sgrowing HIV/AIDS problem and inflation levels that are spirallingout of control - currently the highest in the world.

As well as distributing food, the MRDF appeal, through ACTInternational, will also provide home-based care kits for thoselooking after people with HIV/AIDS, supplementary vitamins forthose with HIV/AIDS and support and counselling for AIDS orphans,who often face malnutrition because of lack of food, illness andstigma. People who have lost their livelihoods will be given smalllivestock for food and to help generate incomes.

Kirsty Smith, MRDF Director, said: "The crisis in Zimbabwe hasleft millions of people without the means to feed themselves. Bysupporting this appeal, we hope to alleviate some of the sufferingand give them a way of generating income in the future."

Donations to MRDF's appeal for Zimbabwe can be made by debit orcredit card on 020 7224 4814, or by cheque, payable to "MRDF(Zimbabwe emergency)", posted to MRDF, Methodist Church House, 25Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR.

Taxpayers are encouraged to gift aid their donations wherepossible, adding a value of 28p to every pound they give, at noextra personal cost.


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2. For more information, contact Audrey Skervin on 020 7467 5155or email skervina@methodistchurch.org.uk.