New Assistant Secretary of the Methodist Conference appointed

  • A photo of the new Assistant Secretary of the Conference isavailable here.   

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Following the recommendation from the Methodist Council,and today's approval from the Methodist Conference, meeting inBirmingham from June 22-29, the Revd Dr Jonathan R Hustler has beenappointed as the Assistant Secretary of the Conference, takingoffice for a period of six years from 1 September2017.

Jonathan will be replacing the Revd Helen D Cameron, who ismoving to become the Chair of the Northampton District of theMethodist Church.

Jonathan trained for the Methodist ministry at Wesley HouseCambridge from 1987-90, and spent a year prior to his first stationat the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. His widespreadexperience of ministry has been gained through serving in a varietyof places and roles across the country over the past 26years.

Throughout his ministry, Jonathan has maintained a rigorousapproach to scholarship, reading for his PhD while a circuitminister. From 2011-14 he served as Vice-Principal of Wesley HouseCambridge, and since 2014 he has been serving as MinisterialCo-ordinator for the Oversight of Ordained Ministries in theMethodist Connexional Team.

Jonathan Hustler brings to the role of Assistant Secretary ofthe Conference a reflective, informed, faithful and compassionatestyle of ministry, which will undoubtedly foster the vocations andgifts of others as he celebrates the presence of God.

In response to the news, Jonathan said: "It is an honour to beasked to serve as an officer of the Conference and I am humbled bythe trust that the Conference has placed in me. I am conscious bothof the great tradition in which the Conference works to discernwhat God is saying the Church and of the challenges that we face inthe present age, and I feel hugely privileged to be called to thisoffice at this time."