New Director of Online Learning at Wesley House, Cambridge

Hannah B-profile -pic -683x 1024The recently rededicated Methodist College, WesleyHouse Cambridge, has taken a step into the digital age inappointing the Revd Hannah Bucke as Director of Online Learning, tohelp develop accessible resources and flexible patterns of studyfor online learning.

Using online learning, people will be able to study wherever andwhenever they choose, through a variety of non-accredited ovirtualcourses available from September 2017.


  • Courses for both individual and group study.
  • Self-paced and real-time learning opportunities.
  • Material from leading scholars.
  • An online community sharing ideas and expertise.

Hannah, a presbyter in the Methodist Church in Great Britain, iscurrently stationed in the Southend and Leigh Circuit in apioneering appointment where she is developing a new town centreministry.

She said: "I am very pleased to be taking up this new post,developing online learning programmes for Wesley House.

"Online learning now has a significant and growing place inthe academic landscape and it provides a great opportunity forWesley House to expand its provision. We hope to engage Methodistsand others, both in the UK and abroad, in a variety of courseswhich draw upon the expertise and resources of the College'sCambridge base."


Two courses already being planned for 2017 and 2018 are'Walking the story' and 'Leadership asdiscipleship'.

Walking the story will be based on the book byJane Leach, Principal of Wesley House, this course will explorepilgrimage, its role in Christian spirituality and its relevance inChristian life today. For group or individual study.

Leadership as discipleship: a biblical viewwill explore some of the models of leadership that we use and howwell they serve the modern church. Examining the stories behindsome of the leaders in the Bible, we ask what lessons they have toteach us. For individual study.


If you'd like to know more, or be kept in touch, please email online@wesley.cam.ac.uk