New forum for church leaders reaching out in communities

Church leaders are being invited to attend the first meeting ofa forum that will help them to reach out to people in their localcommunities.

The idea for the forum came out of a Methodist Fresh Ways ofWorking group tasked by the Methodist Conference with supportingthe development of new expressions of Church. The Fresh WaysPractitioners' Forum is open to church leaders who want to expandtheir outreach. People wishing to broaden their ethnic orlanguage-based congregations or groups are also invited to attendthe forum's first meeting on 3 December from 10am to 4pm atMethodist Church House in London. A light lunch will beprovided.

The Revd Joanne Cox, Evangelism in Contemporary Culture Officer,said: "The forum has the potential to be a challenging andencouraging place. It will recognise the work that is happeningacross the Connexion in the areas of mission, church growth, churchplanting, language and ethic-based congregationaldevelopment." 


UPDATE: This event is now fully booked.