New MAYC World Action worker appointed to spearhead trade justice campaign

MAYC World Action has appointed Lizzie Jeans as its new WorldAction Development Worker to run its new trade justicecampaign.

Lizzie previously worked at People & Planet, (the studentcampaigning organisation - formerly Third World First) andfreelanced for Oxfam and Christian Aid. She has also worked inCameroon. She graduated from Sheffield University in Politics in2000.

Lizzie said: "I'm delighted to be working on the campaign. Thereis so much potential in MAYC World Action and the success ofprevious campaigns shows that young people really can make adifference". 

"World Action is vital - we have huge power in challenging thecauses of poverty. More than 26 million people worldwide joinedtogether in the Jubilee 2000 campaign (of which MAYC WorldAction's Life or Debt campaign was part) andsucceeded in cancelling over £60 billion of poor countries' debt.This was a massive victory, but we must continue to challenge thesystem that forces nations into poverty - the way we trade.

"Trade rules are biased in favour of the richest nations andlargest multi-national companies. If these rules are not rewritten,the gap between rich and poor countries will continue to grow, andthe injustice and instability in the world will worsen."

Details of the World Action trade justice campaign, including aresource pack for youth groups and supporters, are to be launchedin March.

LizzieJeans can be contacted at World Action, 25 Marylebone Rd,London NW1 5JR. Tel: 0207 467 5197.