New Methodist Hymn Collection Published

After seven years of deliberation, theological scrutiny, musicalcollaboration and editing, Singing the Faith has been published; anew authorised collection of hymns and songs for the MethodistChurch.

Published by Hymns Ancient & Modern, Singing the Faith contains840 hymns and songs, including 50 canticles and psalms, and wouldtake an estimated forty hours to sing in total. The Music ResourcesGroup, which was responsible for selecting and compiling the book,sang every song, as well as examining it for musical merit, beforeallowing it to be added to the collection. Meanwhile, the Church'sFaith and Order Network scrutinised each song for theological valueand content.

"I opened a music copy at the end of last week and felt quiteemotional," said Barbara Bircumshaw, Chair of the Music ResourcesGroup. "Having been part of the project from the outset, it waslike seeing the birth of a baby - exciting and beautiful. I thoughtof the many people who've been involved along the way; there havebeen a few rocky times but God has journeyed with us. Through theSpirit's power, we've been enabled to publish a new resource ofSinging the Faith we proclaim 'to serve the present age'."

The book is now available in three editions; music, words and largeprint words, and can be purchased from Methodist Publishing, withspecial discount prices on all editions available until December2011.

"Worshipping in music and song is at the very heart of what itmeans to be a Methodist," said the Revd Leo Osborn, President ofthe Methodist Conference. "Every item in this collection has beencarefully chosen and considered suitable for publication. I have nodoubt that Singing the Faith will enhance and enrich the life andworship of the Methodist Church."

An electronic words edition will soon follow and the collectionwill be supported by the regularly updated Singing the Faith Pluswebsite, which will feature search tools, week-by-week song andhymn suggestions and guidance for using the collection as a toolfor personal devotion, as well as space for worship leaders toshare their own ideas.