New Methodist President and Vice-President designate elected

The Revd Dr Mark Wakelin has been elected president designate ofthe Methodist Conference for 2012-2013 and Mr Michael King has beenelected vice-president designate. The results of the elections wereannounced at the annual Methodist Conference in Southporttoday.

Dr Wakelin is described by his nominators as "an inspirational andenergetic speaker who speaks directly to people in ways which theycan apply to their own lives and the Church." He brings to the roleof president a wide experience of circuit ministry, chaplaincy,youth work and strategic leadership. He was formerly the nationalsecretary of the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs and iscurrently connexional secretary for internal relationships for theMethodist Church in Britain. He lives in Oakwood with his wifeJudith and has three children and three grandchildren.

"Now is a good time to be in the Methodist Church," said DrWakelin. "We have a real opportunity to become a more confident andeffective discipleship movement again. We need to be brave,creative and more focused on God's loving purpose for us and ourworld. The presidency can help the Church find and catch a visionthat will play a part in God transforming Methodism for the nextgeneration and of Methodism playing its proper role in transformingour society and world."

Michael King is a Methodist local preacher, church steward andformer circuit steward in the Enfield Methodist Circuit. He hasbeen leader of the Church's world church relationships team for 11years, and is chair of the European Commission on Mission. Prior to2000 he spent most of his working life teaching in Sierra Leone andUK comprehensive schools.

Mr King describes himself as 'glocal', with a passion for thinkingglobally and acting locally. He said: "I want to see God's loveshared with all people. I want to see Christians deepen theirunderstanding of what it means to welcome others, offering genuinehospitality and inclusion. I long to see our overseas partnerstaking part and making decisions at all levels of church life inthis country. I want to see our Church enriched and invigorated bypeople from all over the world."

Michael is married to Isabel, has two married children and asix-month-old grandson.

Dr Wakelin and Mr King, who both live in the Enfield Circuit, willbe inducted as president and vice-president as the first items ofbusiness at the 2012 Methodist Conference in Plymouth.