New President and Vice President designate elected at Methodist Conference

The Revd Stephen Poxon has been elected PresidentDesignate of the Methodist Conference for 2008-9, and Mr DavidWalton has been elected Vice President Designate.

Stephen has served in Jamaica, Wales and the North West of England,and is currently chair of the North Lancashire District. He iscurrently secretary of the Methodist Missionary Society and hasbeen chair of the World Church Committee and the Council forMethodist Youth Work. He says "I am deeply humbled by this honourand look forward to the challenges to come in a year's time."

Stephen is married to Deacon Myrtle Poxon, who served as VicePresident of the Methodist Conference in 2004-5. When Stephenbecomes President, it will be the first time that a married couplehave between them been both President and Vice President.

David Walton is a Manchester-based solicitor and an enthusiasticmusician. He is currently Conference Record Secretary and Chair ofthe Law and Polity Committee. He says "I am keen to explore withothers how faith is lived out today, especially in theworkplace."

Stephen and David will be inducted at President and Vice Presidentas the first items of business at the 2008 Methodist Conference,which will meet in Scarborough from 5-10 July.