New web resource for churches working together for change

The Methodist Church in Britain has launched a new webresource offering information and guidance about how differentChristian denominations work together to serve theircommunities.

The web pages offer a variety of information, from a basicintroduction to ecumenical work to more detailed practical guidanceabout how to get involved. It explores the practical elements ofhow churches work together in unity and offers some backgroundinformation for those new to the issues.

Chris Sissons, based at the Methodist Resourcing Mission Office inManchester, said; 'When churches work together, sharing theirvision and resources, it benefits entire communities all over theworld. This is about owning and developing the work that allchurches do at local, national and international levels. We want todemystify ecumenism and encourage people to find out what's goingfrom their locality to churches internationally and getinvolved.'

The pages also have links to resources and training courses forthose wanting to explore possibilities further, as well as regionalinformation for churches in England, Wales and Scotland.

For more information, visit www.methodist.org.uk/ecumenical.