New weblog for the President and Vice President

The leaders of the Methodist Church have launched aweblog. Revd Martyn Atkins, President of the Conference, and VicePresident Ms Ruby Beech will use the weblog to share their thoughtsduring their year of office.

Martyn and Ruby began adding blog entries after the MethodistConference in mid-July. Martyn says, "One of the most importanttasks for the President and Vice President is to talk and listen topeople. We will do this by speaking to individuals and groups andby travelling widely and our regular columns in the MethodistRecorder, but now we can add the weblog to this list aswell."

Ruby adds "John and Charles Wesley travelled thousands of miles onhorseback to meet people, and those meetings were often quite noisyand challenging. This weblog will allow us to discuss things withpeople all over the world, and to share our experiences. There aremany weblogs by Methodists - both individuals and groups - and bypeople from other churches, but this is the first time that thePresident and Vice President have tried this."

To view the weblog, visit http://methodist-presandvp.blogspot.com/