News from Pakistan: Bishop Azariah condemns the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti

Bishop Samuel Azariah, Presiding Bishop of the Church ofPakistan has condemned the brutal murder, by religious fanatics, ofthe Federal Minster for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti onWednesday the 2nd of March, in Islamabad.

The Bishop said that the Christian Community are not only sad andhurt at this heinous act, but consider themselves absolutely unsafein the present circumstances of Pakistan. We do not have thefreedom of expressing our point of view. He also stated that theGovernment has either lost the will or the control over groups andindividuals who freely go around killing leaders in the name ofReligion.

Bishop Azariah stated that it is a fact that the Blasphemy Laws inPakistan are not only being misused but are being abused by thereligious zealots. This is just another example of it. If this isnot controlled neither will Democracy, law and order, or justiceprevail in Pakistan. Authorities have failed to bring about fairjustice to people who are doing such criminal acts in the name ofreligion. The Bishop asked a question why is religion being allowedto be distorted by a few and why is the majority in the sin ofsilence?