News: Highlights for Journalists - Methodist Conference 2014

  • Volumes One and Two of the Methodist Conference Agendaavailable here

This year's Methodist Conference will take place at the HiltonBirmingham Metropole Hotel from 26 June to 3 July. The Conferenceis the governing body of the Methodist Church and meets annually todiscuss matters affecting the life of the Church, the nation andthe world.

Highlights for journalists at this year's Conference willinclude:

  • Induction of new President and Vice-President on Saturday 28June
  • The JIC report - discussions on commitment to further unitybetween the Methodist Church and the Church of England - on Tuesday1 July.
  • The response to Same Sex Marriage legislation on Wednesday 2July.
  • Statistics for Mission - latest figures on the make-up of theMethodist Church - on Wednesday 2 July.

The Conference's representative session will open at 2.15pm onSaturday 28 June with the induction of the President of theConference, the Revd Kenneth Howcroft, and the Vice-President, GillDascombe. Their biographies are included in the Methodist Church press pack 2014/2015. Following Sunday morningworship on 29 June, Methodist presbyters and deacons will beordained in venues across the Birmingham District. Over 5,000tickets have been distributed for the weekend events of theConference.

The debate on the Church's response to same-sex marriagelegislation and civil partnerships will take place on the morningof Wednesday 2 July. The report to accompany this debate isavailable to read here as part of Volume Two of the Methodist ConferenceAgenda.

Video of the debates will be streamed live online through the Methodist Conference website from Saturday 28 Juneonwards.

The Conference is a gathering of 306 full members drawn fromeach Methodist district, along with some who have been elected bythe Conference, together with some ex officio members,international, ecumenical and youth representatives, and associatemembers. 


  1. The Conference meets annually as a group of 306 members, alongwith a number of associate and ecumenical members. Visit the Methodist Conference website for more information. The websitecontains the full timetable and agenda for the Conference, alongwith information about fringe events.
  2. Follow the Conference conversation on Twitter viathe #methodistconf hastag. Please note that comments andopinions on Twitter and the blog do not necessarily represent theMethodist Church's position.
  3. Photos of the President-Designate and Vice-President-Designate. Please see the Methodist Media Flickr Stream for further images.