Orlando shooting

The Revd Steven Wild and Dr Jill Barber, the President andVice-President of the Methodist Conference, have made a statementadding their prayers to millions across the world in response tothe horrific mass shooting at a gay night club on Sunday 12 June inOrlando, Florida.

"We join with people from across the world as we mournthe tragic loss of lives in Orlando, Florida, yesterday. Togetherwe pray for the families, friends and communities affected by thishorrific tragedy."

Today the President and Vice-President of the MethodistConference added:

"We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQI brothers andsisters, and acknowledge the pain caused when we fail to live outthe love of Christ for all. We are desperately sad that hurthas been caused by the statement made yesterday, which was animmediate response to assure people of our love and prayers forthose affected by this tragedy. 
The murders in Orlando were an abhorrent tragedy, possiblythe largest targeted killing of the LGBTQI community since theSecond World War.
God's love is for all. As Christians we arecalled first and foremost to love all.
We stand together with gay and straight men andwomen, and continue to hold the LGBTQI community, the victims'friends and their families in our hearts, thoughts andprayers.

Below are some further reflections, thoughts and prayersothers have written on this horrific tragedy and we encourage youto add your own too."


Please follow the links below for some prayers which you can usefor personal reflection or in your services:

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