Passport to Peace this Christmas

This Christmas, new worship material is encouraging adultsand children alike to become Messengers of Peace.

Produced by MethodistChildren, the Messengers of Peace servicematerial invites congregations to make a Christmas 'Peace Box'containing items including a passport, iPod and nappy pin. Theseitems can be used to tell the story of the Nativity on Christmasmorning, or throughout Advent, and to draw out its significance forour contemporary search for peace.

Steve Pearce, Children's Secretary for the Methodist Church, says;'In our mixed-up world, peace can often seem in short supply. Butthis material reminds us in a fresh way that we can all bemessengers of peace as we seek to communicate God in our dailylives.'

Using Christmas Day as a focus for peace, there are also ideas formusic and prayer, including making 'peace doves' and using signlanguage during worship songs.

Steve says, 'The use of symbol and sign language in the servicewill not only make it more accessible to those with hearingdifficulties, it will also introduce a new dimension to worship foreveryone.'

The material is based on the highly successful Peacebuildersresources, launched in March this year in India. Because eachchurch is different, the material is flexible enough so that it canbe tailored to suit the church and congregation.