Pope to meet senior Methodists during launch of new ecumenical office in Rome

Pope Francis and senior Methodist representatives from aroundthe world will take part in a series of events to mark the openingof the new Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome (MEOR).

Attendees at the events, taking place between April 5th and 7th,include representatives from the Vatican, the Church of England,the World Methodist Council, the United Methodist Church and theMethodist Church in Britain.

World Methodist Council President, Bishop Paulo Lockmann,Vice-President Gillian Kingston and General Secretary Bishop IvanAbrahams, the Revd Gareth J Powell, Secretary of the MethodistConference, other representatives from the Methodist Church inBritain, Deacon Alessandra Trotta President of the MethodistChurches in Italy, representatives of the European MethodistCouncil, the United Methodist Church and The Wesley (Rome) will bepresent.

A service of dedication and the opening of the centre at PonteSant` Angelo will be attended by representatives of the Vatican,Archbishop David Moxon, the Director of the Anglican Centre and therepresentative of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome, members ofthe diplomatic corps and other churches in Rome.

Next Thursday the Methodist delegation will be received by PopeFrancis in a private audience at the Vatican followed by a meetingwith members of the Pontifical Council for Promoting ChristianUnity (PCPCU).

The Revd Dr Tim Macquiban, Director of the Methodist EcumenicalOffice in Rome, said: "We ask you to hold the ecumenical work ofthe office in your prayers at this important stage of itsdevelopment.

"This initiative gives Methodists worldwide the opportunity tocontribute in a continuing ecumenical dialogue, promotingecumenical understanding through the likes of educationalprogrammes."



  • Images from the opening will be made available here as soon as possible after theevent.
  • The Revd Dr Tim Macquiban is available for interview. Pleasecontact him on 0044 7711 584 954 ortmacquiban@gmail.com.