Prayers for Thursday's events

In the face of terrorism

For those who are injured, maimed, traumatised and dying: Wepray God's peace;

For the rescue workers and investigators - police and fireofficers, paramedics, hospital staff and security services: We prayGod's strength;

For the fellow-travellers stooping to comfort, soothe and tendthe wounds: We pray God's compassion;

For those who are dispirited, angry, despairing, grieving oranxiously waiting: We pray God's comfort;

For the leaders who are called to speak for and to nation orcommunities: We pray God's wisdom;

For those who turn to violence to achieve their ends: We prayGod's forgiveness;

For our sisters and brothers of all faiths and of none: We prayGod's blessing;

For ourselves - numbed, fearful, morbidly fascinated or guiltilyrelieved: We pray God's light in our lives.

As we hold before God those who suffer, we give thanks for everysign of the resilience of the human spirit and the determinationnot to be cowed by the cowards. We pray that all people may learnto live in peace and with mutual respect. May we not cease in ourstriving for justice and for an end to poverty, preventable diseaseand the destruction of the environment. May our eyes be fixed onJesus, who bears and takes away the sin of the world, and in whomnothing can separate us from the love of God.


Jonathan Kerry (modified) 15th July 2005