President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference meets the Archbishop of Canterbury

The President and Vice-President of the MethodistConference visited Lambeth Palace on Friday (14th July) for ameeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

Accompanied by senior figures from both churches, thePresident, the Revd Loraine N Mellor, and the Vice-President, JillBaker, met Archbishop Justin Welby to discuss matters of mutualconcern and were encouraged by reports of Anglicans and Methodistsworking together in mission, evangelism, witness and service allover England. 

Their wide-ranging discussions also took in the future of Europe,prayer, evangelism and witness, and the churches' engagement withpolitical and public issues.
The President, Vice-President and the Archbishop commended thereport 'Mission and Ministry in Covenant' to both churches forstudy and reflection together. This report sets out a proposal fora full relationship of communion between the two churches and areconciled ordained ministry. The proposal, contained in a reportrequested by the 2014 Methodist Conference and Church of EnglandGeneral Synod, builds on the existing relationship between the twochurches expressed in the 2003 Anglican-MethodistCovenant. 

Image courtesy of Lambeth Palace