President welcomes Church in Wales' decision on women bishops

The Methodist Church has welcomed the Church in Wales' decisionto admit women into the episcopate. The Revd Ruth Gee, President ofthe Methodist Conference, and Dr Daleep Mukarji, Vice-President ofthe Methodist Conference, made the following statement: 

"We were delighted to hear that the Governing Body of the Churchin Wales has decided to admit women to the episcopate. We affirmthat 'all are one in Christ Jesus' and rejoice in the ministry ofwomen and men in all areas of the life and mission of the MethodistChurch in Britain.

"Along with other churches we are in a covenant relationshipwith the Church in Wales. We will continue to work with all ourecumenical partners to affirm, celebrate and enable thediscipleship of all God's wonderfully diverse people.

"We will pray for those who are now working to implement thedecision of the Church in Wales and for those for whom the decisionis difficult."