Redesigned, revamped, relaunched! - new website for The Methodist Church goes online

The Methodist Church has completely revamped its website.From Thursday 24 May, visitors to www.methodist.org.uk willsee a completely redesigned site that aims to be easier to use andmore expressive of the best of Methodism. Dave Webster, Co-Head ofCommunication for Electronic Resources, says "the old site wasshowing its age, and contained far more information than it couldeasily direct people to. The new site makes it easier to quicklyfind useful information, whether you are a Methodist minister ormember, or even if you are just interested in one aspect of theChurch. It is also more inspiring, and attractive." The site willfeature a daily prayer, and dedicated sections for particularelements of the Church's work and mission. The new site also makesuse of Web 2.0 ideas, allowing people to form networks aroundcommon interests as active users rather than passive readers. "Thismoves from the old model where we presented information to peopleto a new form where the website is also a way for everyone tocontribute," says Dave Webster. "Over the past few years we havelaunched podcasts and weblogs amongst other things, but the newsite draws together all of these ideas to create something that itflexible and useful enough to support the whole of the Church inits work."