Redundancies at BAE Brough

Statement from local church leaders:

Along with the whole community, we are profoundly shocked withBAE's decision to make 900 employees redundant this morning. Itseems that the productivity and loyalty of our local workforce hascounted for little in this lamentable announcement.

To lose such a high proportion of skilled employees willnecessarily devastate our local economy. The social implications ofthis will cut to the very core of the community of Brough andElloughton and will be felt throughout this part of East Yorkshire.We are very aware that our schools, local businesses and especiallyour families with mortgages will suffer as a result of thisdecision.

Our local church congregations are committed to support the BAEworkforce as they come to terms with this terrible news. We will doall that is possible to offer our continuing spiritual andpractical care both now and in the long term for all thoseaffected. In the meanwhile we offer our heartfelt love and prayersto all who are devastated by BAE's choice.

Revd Dr David Perry
Superintendent Methodist Minister

Revd Richard Walker
Vicar of Elloughton and Brough with Brantingham