Revd Dr Stephen Skuce to become new Acting Principal of Cliff College

Stephen -SkuceThe Revd Dr StephenSkuce is to be seconded from working in the Methodist ConnexionalTeam to the role of Acting Principal of Cliff College in Derbyshirefrom 1 June 2016.

The Revd Dr Stephen Skuce, currently Director ofScholarship, Research and Innovation for Methodist Church, said ofhis new secondment: "It is an honour to be stepping in as ActingPrincipal of Cliff College in this interim period while a newPrincipal is found."

In previous roles at the College, Stephen has been PostgraduateTutor, Director of Research and Academic Dean. 

He added: "I've been privileged to serve at Cliff College in thepast and I look forward to this new opportunity to help lead itsdevelopment and ensure that the College continues to fulfil itsmission. 

"My experience at Cliff, lecturing in a number of other collegesand universities in Ireland and Sri Lanka and the insights gainedas an External Examiner are all helpful in the challenges ofcontemporary academic leadership and enabling the College to make adifference for the Church and in the world."

As well as the secondment to the role of an Acting Principal,the College Committee and Methodist Council have agreed on furtheraction points to ensure the continuation and development of theCollege's mission and ministry as it looks to the future, includingthe creation of a 'clear and strategic vision statement' andfurther provisions of pastoral support to College staff.

The Revd Rachel Deigh, Chair of the Cliff College Committee,added: "I am delighted with the secondment of Stephen as the ActingPrincipal of Cliff College and look forward to welcoming him backto the College in this new role.  I believe that he has theexperience and expertise that is needed at this time as we moveforward into God's future for the College.   We assure Stephenof our prayers during this time of transition and change for bothhim and the whole College community."


Cliff College is a Methodist theological college inCalver, Derbyshire, that teaches Biblical Theology and providestraining in mission and evangelism at an undergraduate andpostgraduate level, validated by the University of Manchester aswell as short courses. The College is currently made up of over 250students and staff.