Revd Graham Carter elected President of the Methodist Conference 2006

The Revd Graham Carter has been elected President of theMethodist Conference for 2006- 7. Currently the chair of theDarlington Methodist District, Graham will start his year of officewhen Conference opens in Edinburgh in June 2006.

Sunderland-born Graham was ordained in 1970 and worked inNewcastle, Merseyside and Durham before becoming chair of theDarlington District in 1997. He also worked for six years asreligion producer at BBC Radio Merseyside.

Graham says that one of the themes of his year of Presidency willbe on committed and responsible discipleship. 'In a time of changeall change in the church needs to be underpinned with committed andresponsible discipleship,' he says. 'It's no good changingstructures unless people are committed.'

Graham is married with two children and two grandchildren. Heenjoys walking, music and model railways, and is a passionatesupporter of Sunderland Football Club and Durham County CricketClub.

Graham is looking forward to his year of Presidency, during whichhe will travel widely within Britain and overseas. He will alsorepresent the Church at national events such as the ArmisticeSunday ceremony at the Cenotaph. 'It is an immense privilege andresponsibility,' says Graham, 'and the fact that Conferencebelieves that what I have to offer will be of value to the churchis very humbling. I have confidence that the Christian gospel, forall signs of decline of the church in Western Europe, is stillcapable of turning the world upside down.'