Sam Taylor elected Methodist Youth President

The Methodist Youth Assembly has elected Sam Taylor as theChurch's new Youth President for 2011-2012.

"I am delighted to have been elected as Youth President designateand I am greatly looking forward to starting the role inSeptember," said Sam, following his election at the Youth Assemblylast weekend.

Sam, aged 17, is currently studying for his A-Levels and lives inWellingborough in Northamptonshire. He attends Great Park StreetMethodist Church in Nene Valley circuit in the NorthamptonDistrict. This year he is working as a One Programme Participant(OPP) in a youth project linked to the church, Infuse Youth Cafe.The One Programme gives young people the opportunity to work for ayear in their local churches and Districts in creative projectsthat help to show Jesus to others. "At Infuse, I am running a CellGroup which has seen some amazing growth in young people's faithover the last month or so," said Sam. "I run an event calledWorship@Infuse which has been running for nearly two years and hasdeveloped enormously in that time. I also look after the YouthCommittee, making sure that they are the ones that drive theproject forward."

From September 2011, Sam will work part time for one year to servethe young people of the Methodist Church in Britain, making theirvoices heard and helping them to get more involved in every aspectof Church life. The Youth President is a paid post as part of theChildren and Youth Team of the Methodist Church in Britain. Samsaid, "I want to focus on empowering young people to be moreinvolved in church life - it has to come from young people if weare going to get more young people coming into the Church. Youngpeople need God in their lives and they need other young people tohelp them to find God. So the church needs young people at thecentre of this, to make sure it is happening, and that the peoplethat need God most are being reached out to."

Sam will succeed current Youth President Christy-Anna Errington."I'm really pleased Sam will be taking over from me nextSeptember," said Christy-Anna. "So far in my year of office I havebeen focusing on building relationships within the Methodist Churchand with outside organisations to find ways of working togethermore effectively. The resolutions from this year's Youth Assemblyhave also been very useful in helping me to decide what to focus onfor the rest of the year."

This year's Methodist Youth Assembly took place at the PGLLiddington Centre near Swindon from 19 to 21 November. Around 200young Methodists gathered to make key decisions affecting the lifeof the Church, with education, sports ministry, and peace in Israeland Palestine on the agenda.

You can find out more about the Youth Assembly at the Generouswebsite (http://methodist.generous.org.uk/)or on the Youth President's Blog (http://www.methodistyouthpres.blogspot.com//).