Sierra Leone appeal

More than 3,000 people lost their homes in last week's mudslidein Sierra Leone, which killed at least 499 people, with more than600 still missing.

Thank you to all those who have generously given since thedisaster occurred.

Following the terrible destruction of homes, propertiesand lives in Freetown, Sierra Leone, the World Church RelationshipsTeam are collecting donations toward relief work in the area.

Any donations raised will be passed directly to theMethodist Church Sierra Leone for their use in helping the affectedcommunity through the provision of emergency humanitarian supportand going toward equipping the local church ministers to educatethe local communities to prevent the spread of cholera anddiarrhoea in the aftermath. All We Can is standing in solidarityand prayer with the Methodist Church and with those affected bythis tragic event.

For prayers and reflections clickhere.


How to give:


Please make any cheques out to The Methodist ChurchWorld Mission Fund, marked for Sierra LeoneFloods and post them to:

The Fundraising Manager
Methodist Church House
25 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5JR


To give online, please visit our JustGiving page and mark your donationfor Sierra Leone Floods

Bank Transfer

You can also give directly by Bank Transfer:

The World Mission Fund  
Account number: 70951706                                                     
Sort code: 40 02 06
Description: Sierra Leone Floods


For any queries please contact Rosie or Simon inthe World Church Relationships Team on  0207467 5277 or 020 7467 3795.