Silence and prayers for the people of America

Methodists are being encouraged to observe a Three-minuteSilence at 11am on Friday 14 September in memory of those who havedied in the terrorist attacks in the US on Tuesday. The Silence,called for by the European Union, is set to be observed byfamilies, businesses and other organisations across Europe.

Some Methodist churches across Britain are organising their ownspecial services to coincide with the Silence.

Methodist Connexional Team staff are to observe the Three-minuteSilence during a short service at 11am on Friday 14 September. TheSecretary of the Methodist Conterence, Rev Nigel Collinson, willlead staff in prayer during the service.

Meanwhile, UK religious leaders are to gather for a specialservice of remembrance at St Paul Cathedral in London at 12 noon onFriday. The Queen and the Prime Minister will join church leadersincluding the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, and thePresident of the Methodist Conference, Rev Christina le Moignan, topray for victims of the terrorist attacks and for a just solutionto be found to the crisis.