Response to the fire at Grenfell Tower and appeal for donations

Statement and prayer from the London District Chairs inresponse to the fire at Grenfell Tower and appeal fordonations.
"It is with shock and dismay that we woke on Wednesday morning tothe news of the fire at Grenfell Tower in Notting Hill.
"This has taken place in a densely populated, vibrant part of ourcity and the tower block has been the home of many families.Notting Hill Methodist Church is close to the fire and within thecordon established by police. Superintendent Minister of theNotting Hill Methodist Circuit, Mike Long, visited rescue centresto see what help the Church might offer. The facts of the cause ofthe fire and the events that followed will take time to emerge andthe effects on the local community will be long-term andfar-reaching. As a District we will do all we can to support thelocal church as it works with the community in the weeks and monthsto come."

Gracious God
We pray for those caught up in the fire at Grenfell Tower,
for casualties, for the wounded, for the missing and thetraumatised.
We pray for the emergency services and for those who areresponsible for co-ordinating the response to this majorincident.
In despair bring hope
In injury bring healing
In fear bring comfort.
In our helplessness be our strength.
In your mercy hear our prayers.
In Christ's name.


We have received many calls from those who wish todonate to the community of Grenfell Tower.
We would ask that at the moment financial donations are sentthrough the District so that we can collect and process them. Thiswill then be sent to help the families and emergency servicesaffected by the fire.

Please ask your treasurers to either send a cheque made payable to'The London District of the Methodist Church' noting on the backfor 'Grenfell', or contact the District Office at administration@methodistlondon.org.ukfor details for how to make a bank transfer payment. The addressfor cheques is London District of the Methodist Church, 1 CentralBuildings, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH.

The Revd Mike Long, Superintendent at Notting Hill, has reported that the church havebeen inundated with physical donations of clothing and food - wehave warmly welcomed these, but at present they do not have thecapacity to receive any more donations. He is seeking space atMethodist churches nearby. We will update you on this as we receivemore information.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Revds Michaela Youngson & Nigel Cowgill
Chairs of the London District of the Methodist Church

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