Statement following General Election

Statement following General Election

Following the election results, the President andVice-President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Dr Roger LWalton and Ms Rachel Lampard MBE, made the followingstatement:

Today we are grateful that the people of the United Kingdom areable to debate and vote peacefully, and to elect our leadersdemocratically.

The importance of this is all too apparent in the aftermath of theatrocities suffered in Manchester and London during the electioncampaign. While acts of terrorism seek to undermine our democracy,by choosing to cast their ballot yesterday people demonstrated acommitment to a hopeful and just future for our country.

Some will be pleased by the outcome, some will be disappointed,others will be concerned.  We invite you to pray for thoseworking to form a government and for all of our newly elected MPs,that they may represent constituents' concerns and interests in theHouse of Commons with wisdom, compassion and dedication. We alsoask you to remember all those who make the democratic processpossible, from council officials to those who put themselvesforward for election, often at great personal cost.

A hung Parliament is a reminder that politics does not end withelections. As the Government is formed, at a time of uncertaintyfor our country, we call on all members of Parliament to act inways that will build a society with the common good at its heart.We commit ourselves and ask the Methodist people to be activeparticipants in our democracy, encouraging and challenging thosewho have been elected. We are called particularly to advocate forthe needs of the most vulnerable in our society and world.

Finally, we rejoice in God's promise that the Kingdom of God iscoming, and recognise that it is also ushered in today when weembrace principles of justice, mercy and peace; may we continue todo so.

Revd Dr Roger L Walton, President of the MethodistConference
Ms Rachel Lampard MBE, Vice-President of the MethodistConference


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